How do I apply the "I AM" Presence?

Through Visualizing and Decreeing. The Law of Life is, when you are in touch with the form of a thing, you are in touch with the presence of that thing. All pictures are a focus of Electronic Substance from the Life Stream of whatever they represent. Think that through and try to realize how important it is for each of us to know, when we contemplate a picture, we are instantly and always absorbing the qualities which it contains!

Call directly to the "Presence" - then Visualize:

As you make the Call directly to the “Presence,” feeling and seeing Its Reality above you, visualize the answer to your Call come forth into your outer use. If it be a thing, then visualize the Perfection of the thing you desire! If it be Illumination from within the mind, see the Wave of Light come forth from the Head of the “Presence” into your own brain structure. If it is greater understanding, use, or comprehension of the Great Cosmic Love of your own “I AM Presence,” then see the Flame flash from the Heart of your “Presence,” come within the brain structure and within your physical Heart. Then see that expand through the flesh body.